Universal Engine Tools

UEG products are based on two patents (pending) based at Methods Neural-net optimization to improving Machine Translation and in the “Internet Jungle” book.


- Neural network search for multilingual translation using different languages cluster of weighted content

- Participated in the Search Engine Strategy Conference.

- The book “The Internet Jungle”. (The Multilingual Practical Guide)

-White papers

For more then 20 years to the beginning of 90s almost all Internet content had been represented in English. But recent studies showed that general quantity of non-English or partly English sites has experienced a stable growth trend. Enlarging local Internet markets requires representing data in the native language of customers. Thus, in the last couple of years virtual space has been filling up by huge amounts of data in different languages, and the Internet had finally turned into a multilingual environment.

The required online retrieval tools for multilingual Internet could be summed as:

·      possibility to search materials in different languages;

·       possibility to retrieve documents in defined language only;

·       possibility for the user to choose interface in desirable language;

·       ability to work correctly with multipoint languages;

·       possibility to translate query;

·       possibility to translate search results;