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About Universal Engine Group

Universal Engine Group strives to offer a broad range of solutions targeting the next generation of information and consumer electronic devices. The aim is to build on our strengths in multilingual mobile devices and to become the leading supplier of language solutions for the wireless industry. Our goal is to break language barriers that have hastened the globalization of businesses and sharing of world wide information, which is made up of mostly 15 dominant languages, into your hands and into your own language.

Universal Engine Grou is a unique software house delivering critical business and lingual solutions to future-oriented companies, individuals, and cellular phone providers. We develop sound technological products for multilingual desktop and mobile applications, providing online and mobile translation tools, including multilingual online chat translation, multilingual instant messaging translation, website translation buttons, multilingual customer service management, and text-to-voice translation.

Universal Engine’s offices are located in the United States and Europe. Our staff of marketing experts seeks out and creates unique high-return marketing opportunities across in-language markets in over 50 nations, including the US.

Universal Engine is a company driven to provide customers with a complete solution to their entire current and future Internet advertising needs.